A KNYGHT ther was, and that a worthy man,

There was a KNIGHT, a distinguished man,

That fro the tyme that he first bigan

who, from the time he first began

To riden out, he loved chivalrie

to ride on expeditions, loved chivalry

Trouthe and honour, fredom and curteisie.

loyalty and honour, generosity and refinement.

Ful worthy was he in his lordes werre,

He had acted nobly in his lordís war

And therto hadde he riden, no man ferre,

and therefore he had ridden there, no man further than he,

As wel in christendom as in hethenesse,

In both Christian and heathen places.

And evere honoured for his worthynesse;

He was honoured everywhere for his worthiness

At Alisaundre he was whan it was wonne.

He was at Alexandria when it was captured.

Ful ofte tyme he hadde the bord bigonne

All the time he sat in the place of honour

Aboven alle nacions in Pruce

surpassing all nations in Prussia

In Lettow hadde he reysed and in Ruce

He had travelled in Lithuania and Russia

No Christen man so ofte of his degree.

which no Christian man of his rank had done so often.

In Gernade at the seege eek hadde he be

He had been in Granada when

Of Algezir, and riden in Belmarye

Algeciras sank under assault, and raiding Benamarin

At Lyeys was he and at Satalye,

He was in Anatolia and in Attalia

Whan they were wonne, and in the Grete See

when they fell, and along the Mediterranean coast

At many a noble armee hadde he be

he had been with many a noble army

At mortal batailles hadde he been fiftene

he had been in fifteen mortal battles

And foughten for oure feith at Tramyssene

and fought for our faith in Tramissene

In lystes thries, and ay slayn his foo.

Three times in the lists, and always killed his enemy

This ilke worthy knyght hadde been also

This same distinguished knight had also been

Somtyme with the lord of Palatye

once with the lord of Palate

Agayn another hethen in Turkye;

against another heathen in Turkey

And everemoore he hadde a sovereyn prys.

and everywhere he was considered of sovereign value.

And though that he were worthy, he was wys,

and though distinguished, he was wise

And of his port as meeke as is a mayde.

and in his behaviour as modest as a maid.

He nevere yet no vileynye ne sayde

He had never yet said an offensive thing

In al his lyf unto no maner wight.

in all his life to anyone

He was a verray, parfit gentil knyght.

he was a true, perfectly gentle knight.

But for to tellen yow of his array,

But to tell you about his equipment

His hors were goode, but he was nat gay.

his horses were good, but he was not finely dressed.

Of fustian he wered a gypon

He wore a tunic made of coarse cloth

Al bismotered with his habergeon,

with his sleeveless soldierís coat full of stains

For he was late ycome from his viage,

for he had just come back from his journey,

And wente for to doon his pilgrymage.

and went on his pilgrimage.