With hym ther was his sone, a yong SQUIER,

with him was his son, a young squire,

A lovyere and a lusty bacheler,

a lover and cheerful young man,

With lokkes crulle as they were leyd in presse

with curled hair as if it had been pressed.

Of twenty yeer of age he was, I gesse.

He was twenty years old, I guess

Of his stature he was of evene lengthe,

Of height he was of average length

And wonderly delyvere, and of greet strengthe.

with surprising agility and of great strength.

And he hadde been somtyme in chyvachie

he had been on a cavalry - expedition at one time

In Flaundres, in Artoys, and Pycardie,

in Flanders, in Artois and Picardy

And born hym weel, as of so litel space,

and behaved well, considering the short time

In hope to stonden in his lady grace.

hoping to find favour of his lady.

Embrouded was he, as it were a meede

his clothes were embroidered, as if they were a meadow

Al ful of fresshe floures, whyte and reede.

full of fresh flowers, white and red.

Syngynge he was, or floytynge, al the day;

he was singing, or playing the flute all the day;

He was as fressh as is the month of May.

he was as fresh as the month of May.

Short was his gowne, with sleves longe and wyde.

His gown was short, with long and wide sleeves.

Wel koude he sitte on hors and faire ryde.

He could sit well on a horse and ride elegantly.

He koude songes make and wel endite,

he could write and compose songs well,

Juste and eek daunce, and weel purtreye and write.

joust and also dance, and draw and write well.

So hoote he lovede that by nyghtertale

he loved so passionately that till nighttime

He sleep namoore than dooth a nyghtyngale

he did not sleep more than a nightingale

Curteis he was, lowely , and servysable

he was well-mannered, humble and willing to serve.

And carf biforn his fader at the table

and carved for his father at the table.